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01709 898025 / 07796 595332


At Smoothstone Consultancy Ltd. we help people with the management of their projects.

We have many years of experience of working with project professionals from many countries and from many sectors of industry and commerce, from construction to agriculture and from manufacture to defence and the nature of the help we have offered is always chosen to ensure a swift delivery of benefit and to minimise costs, inconvenience and disruption.

This has included provision of training courses, both bespoke and certification; interim management assignments; authorship of practice manuals; coaching; undertaking investigative reports and provision of consultancy services.

In all instances we hold to the principle that project management is ultimately about dealing with people; understanding them, communicating with them and influencing them. So, although specific techniques and processes can be recommended and adopted, these are seen as mechanisms for facilitating the human engagement that is the cornerstone of all successful projects.

For each of our clients we strive to ensure that at all times we are both dependable and a pleasure to engage with. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you in delivering project excellence.