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Smoothstone Consultancy Ltd. is able to offer a broad range of services to assist those delivering projects.

We feel we are able to offer most value to our clients when we are able to work closely with you, within your environment, to ensure we understand the challenges your organization faces. We can then ensure that the assistance we offer is tailored to your specific needs.

This assistance can take many forms and we are always willing to try new and innovative ways in response to client’s preferences. Our more traditional forms of assistance include the following.

Interim Management.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of a such broad range of projects and commercial sectors ensures that we can assimilate into your ways of working extremely quickly means. As interim project managers we can provide a swift solution to a short term crisis regardless of whether this is owing to a temporary over demand upon your existing resources, a shortage of resources perhaps caused by illness or maternity leave, or else in response to the emergence of an unexpected and urgent project. Whatever the reason we are able to help and can provide a swift and cost effective solution to a short term crisis

Project Audits.

Being so close to a project on a day to day basis can sometimes affect our perspective and a fresh pair of eyes is often a very valuable opportunity. We at Smoothstone Consultancy Ltd. are able to offer an independent review of your projects. Whether this is for an individual project or alternatively a whole portfolio, we are able to offer an assessment based on objective criteria that will offer a detailed insight into how well your opportunities are being exploited and where this can be improved.

Project Simulations and Assessment Centres.

Project managers often work in isolation and an opportunity to learn from peers is a rare event. We have experience of writing bespoke project simulations, based on your own environment, that are used as the basis of project simulations to be tackled by the members of your project management community. Where appropriate we will supplement these scenarios with the use of professional actors to provide a very realistic experience. This provides an entertaining but demanding opportunity for your colleagues to assess their ways of working against their peers. Subsequent peer to peer reflections can be significantly enhanced by us providing a more formal assessment of the performance of the individuals against established competence criteria for project managers.

Authorship of Project Management Methods and Practice Manuals.

All projects are unique and each must be managed in a unique way but there is usually sufficient similarity between projects within an organization’s portfolio such that some benefit can be realized from establishing a preferred way of working. The evolution of such a ‘Method’ (or ‘ Methodology’) and attendant practice manuals and pre-formatted documents can yield significant results and we are able to assist in the establishment of these protocols.

Bespoke Training.

Classroom training is still a very cost effective way of boosting performance. Within Smoothstone Consultancy Ltd. we have personnel with very many years of training project communities, often to prepare them for certification with the established project management institutions (PMI, USA and APM, UK), but also with bespoke material, drawn up in response to the needs of specific clients.